Klay Thompson’s Pulls Out Amazing Replacement After Championship Hat Flies Off During High-Speed Boat Ride To Warriors Victory Parade

Klay Thompson Loses Championship Hat On Boat Before Warriors Parade

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  • Klay Thompson’s commemorative championship hat didn’t survive the boat ride to the Warriors victory parade
  • The Golden State star streamed himself driving to the event on his boat
  • At one point during the broadcast, the lid flew off of his head and into the water, but he had the perfect replacement ready to go

Over the past few years, championship parades have managed to produce a number of incredibly memorable moments thanks in no small part to people who probably have no recollection of them after going a little too hard over the course of the festivities.

There’s no more notable example than Tom Brady, who had himself a day in Tampa Bay after the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in 2021. The quarterback admitted he may have been overserved when he decided it would be a good idea to target Rob Gronkowski while passing the Lombardi Trophy between boats, and based on how he looked when he got back to dry land, it definitely seems like that was the case.

Now, we have another water-related parade incident courtesy of Klay Thompson, who fell victim to a bit of wardrobe malfunction after hopping on his boat to head to San Francisco and link up with the fellow champions who will parade through the city on Monday to celebrate Golden State’s most recent NBA championship.

Thompson has been regularly streaming his excursions on his beloved vessel, and thousands of people who tuned in to watch him make his way across The Bay saw the commemorative championship hat he was rocking fly off of his head and into the water.

Thompson admitted “That hurts,” but it didn’t take him long to don an alternative, as he quickly replaced it with the captain’s hat he apparently had locked and loaded for situations just like this:

How can you not love that man?

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