Knicks’ Jason Smith Complains Wildly To Ref WHILE Getting Dubiously Crossed Over By Cavs’ Kyrie Irving



It hasn’t been the best season for the New York Knicks, and as we all know, when it rains, it pours. Today, the Knicks were taking on the Cavs at the Garden when Jason Smith found himself guarding Kyrie Irving on the perimeter. No, that’s never a good matchup for Smith, but especially not when the refs let Kyrie get away with blatant double-dribbles. Irving seriously crossed up Smith but clearly double-dribbled as well — Smith was so frustrated by the non-call that he turned to scream at the ref (who was just feet away watching) while Kyrie proceeded to blow by him:

We feel your pain, Jason. It was like you never even had a chance.

h/t @Cleveland_Fanz