Did You Know A 128 Team College Football Playoff Has Been Taking Place The Entire Season? (Bracket)

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We’re 17 days away from the inaugural college football playoff involving America’s sweethearts FSU, Alabama, and the evil dark horse teams of Oregon and OSU. But as we see in the graphic below, you can actually make a playoff graph for all 128 FBS teams from games that have already been played throughout this season.

Using every matchup throughout the season, Brian Fremeau of BCF Toys was able to put together this 128-team bracket showing actual wins-losses, and not leaving any teams out in the cold.

So, how’d it play out? Well for starters: Baylor and TCU still get hung out to dry due to Bama’s win over West Virginia in their season opener. The final 4 teams also come together the same as the selection committee’s choices, because as we can see here those are in fact the 4 best teams in college football.

The biggest question on everybody’s mind though is if Vegas favorite FSU, helmed by Jameis Winston (the most beloved college football athlete since Timothy Tebow), can break through in this field of teams whose character and talent are often questioned.

Will the Seminoles get in their own way or will they get in their own way, robbing college football of the undefeated champion it so desperately pines for in this year of mass mediocrity? We’ll find out in just seventeen short days from now…

You can click here to see a larger version of the bracket above on BCF Toys.


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