A Unique Piece Of Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Sold For A Bunch Of Money

NBA legend Kobe Bryant

Getty Image / Harry How

Sometimes in life, you get a chance to own a piece of history that nobody else will ever have.

This week, one person paid a whole lot of money to own one such piece of Kobe Bryant memorabilia.

Earlier this week, Goldin listed an auction for a copy of “The Old Man And The Sea” that was read and signed by Kobe back in 1994.

That copy of the book that Kobe read in high school ended up selling for $10,500.

There are very few pieces of memorabilia in the sports world that are truly unique.

This would be one of those few.

There are plenty of game-used Kobe Bryant jerseys that could be out there somewhere for collectors.

There probably aren’t many people holding onto a book that Kobe read in high school and even has his signature inside of it.

I can’t ever remember hearing about such an item being sold that was possessed by any other athlete.

It’s a particularly interesting piece of memorabilia for anybody who enjoys both sports and rare books.

Kobe played high school basketball for Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. He attended the school from 1992 to 1996 and left the school with a few Player of the Year awards and the record for most points scored in a career in Southern Pennsylvania.

His impressive high school career led to him being the 13th player selected in the 1996 NBA Draft.

Now somebody owns a piece of history that dates back to before Kobe Bryant became one of the greatest players in NBA history.