KSI Rips Into Youtuber Wade Plem Over Jake Paul Fight Report

KSI and Jake Paul face off

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Youtuber turned boxer KSI is beefing with online boxing personality Wade Plem after negotiations for a fight against Jake Paul have stalled.

In a recent youtube video, Plem said he doesn’t think a fight between KSI and Jake Paul would sell as well as a Paul-Fury rematch fight.

“Jake in the Impaulsive podcast said he does not think that the KSI fight sells likea Tommy Fury rematch or a Floyd Mayweather fight, I don’t know that I can disagree with him right now, I don’t because they pulled some legitimately crazy numbers.

“While I used to get on the train that Jake and KSI would do similar numbers, I don’t know that’s the case anymore.”

KSI saw Plem’s video and went off on him.

KSI Jake Paul

Earlier this week, KSI’s manager Mams Taylor revealed that Paul had “backed out” of contract negotiations.

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“Jake has the contract. It’s not in our hands,” Mams revealed. “We redlined it and sent it back to him. He redlined it, sent it back to us, we redlined it, sent it back to him, and now the ball’s in his court.

“I did get a call from Jake’s team saying, hey, Jake doesn’t want to fight KSI in summer like we wanted because of some excuses. Whatever. Basically, he doesn’t want to fight KSI. He wants to fight other people.”

“We booked Wembley stadium, we were ready, and he’s backed out.”

Update: KSI’s Mams Taylor confronted Plen during a Twitter Space stream.

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