Kurt Warner Shares AWFUL Idea For Playoff Games During NFL Pregame Show And Even His Co-Hosts Hate This Take

Get ready for this freezing cold take from Kurt Warner on the NFL Network pregame show.

The quarterback who spent the majority of his career playing indoors wants all playoff games to be played indoors.

Why? Because the “best team” didn’t win on Saturday in Buffalo.

The Baltimore Ravens entered the game as the number 2 ranked offense in the league but winter in Buffalo was the factor for the team who plays outside in Baltimore.

Warner wants to remedy this injustice by playing games indoors, obviously at a neutral location, therefore eliminating home-field advantage.

“Can we just play every playoff game inside? I know that’s a part of football. I don’t like it when we come to the biggest moments of the season and the elements become a part of the mix. I want the best team to be able to advance and all the elements to be the exact same for every team.”

Warner was booed by his NFL Network colleagues and actually jumped on Twitter to defend himself.

I feel you, Kurt. That insane pick-6 that sealed the game was obviously caused by the wind.

[via TPS]