Kwame Brown Comes After Jemele Hill Even After She Pleaded With Him To Leave Her Alone

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  • Jemele Hill pleads with Kwame Brown not to come after her after her following his wild rants directed at Stephen A Smith, Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson
  • Brown doesn’t listen and comes after her anyways
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Kwame Brown is on a rampage and has people in the media terrified of his rants.

In the past week, Brown went off on Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Gilbert Arenas with vicious rants for talking bad about him.

Just yesterday Brown challenged ESPN’s Stephen A.Smith to “mutual combat” for constantly making jokes about his career over the years.

“A 17, 18-year-old kid and you walk around like you’re a big tough man, you were going to college campuses speaking on teenage kids, and your only talent is knowing a bunch of big words and talking disrespectful to the children…Stephen A you bald forehead motherfucker, I don’t know why you got people thinking you’re tough saying all kinds of shit saying you can come see me, meet me in Seattle where we can have mutual combat and talk like that, it’s going to look like you got a toupee in the front of your head by how hard I’d slap you”

Jemele Hill saw how Brown was coming for everyone and pleaded with him to leave her alone by joking that he “chose violence” during his rants against Matt Barnes.

Brown misinterpreted Hill’s comments and believed she was he was violent which he took offense to.

Jemele Hill, good morning…You said all weekend I was being violent so that leads me to believe something is a little off about you, Ms. Hill mam I have children and you just lied on me and you on deck

Hill tried to explain that she wasn’t intending to disrespect Brown by saying he “chose violence.”

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