Kyle Shanahan Comments On San Francisco 49ers’ Quarterback Plans


Getty Image / Ronald Martinez

  • The San Francisco 49ers are expected to hand over the QB reigns to Trey Lance next season
  • Their coach also still believes they’ll trade Jimmy Garoppolo at some point
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Last April, when Kyle Shanahan told reporters that he couldn’t guarantee anybody’s continued survival in response to a question about Jimmy Garoppolo’s continued presence on the San Francisco 49ers roster, there can’t have been many people that would have expected to still him him on that roster at the end of May 2022.

Yet, here we are. Jimmy Garoppolo somehow remains with the 49ers despite the fact that the 9rs made it well known that they intended to trade him this offseason. Unfortunately for the team, Garoppolo hasn’t drawn much interest from other quarterback-needy teams.

Despite the troubles trading Garoppolo away, Kyle Shanahan still believes the 49ers will trade him at some point.

“Nothing’s changed since that surgery. Where we were at before that, and then he got the surgery, so everything went on hold. I expect him at some time, most likley, to be traded, but who knows? That’s not a guarantee. It’s been exactly on hold when that happened. When he’s healthy, we’ll see what happens.”

While the delay has given rise to questions about Trey Lance’s readiness, the 49ers appear to still be ready to hand the reigns over to him. It’s a move they were always going to have to make eventually, but it’s one that comes with plenty of risk.

The 49ers are coming off of an appearance in the NFC Championship game where they nearly got past the eventual Super Bowl champions. That success will leave fans with high expectations for the 2022 season and that will put a ton of pressure on Lance to succeed very early in his NFL career.

At least it looks like he won’t have to worry about the 49ers potentially replacing him with Garoppolo if he struggles early.