Kyle Shanahan Was Upset When The Rams Landed Matthew Stafford, And The Story Of Him Finding Out About The Trade Is A Classic

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  • Kyle Shanahan was angry that the Rams traded for Matthew Stafford, so much so that it practically ruined his vacation.
  • Funny enough, Kyle Shanahan was on vacation right next to Rams’ head coach Sean McVay in Cabo when the trade went down.
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Kyle Shanahan was legitimately upset when the Los Angeles Rams landed Matthew Stafford. The 49ers head coach spoke about his frustrations and admitted a bit more on a recent appearance on the Flying Coach podcast alongside Rams head coach Sean McVay and Peter Schrager.

The 49ers were rumored to be in on a possible Stafford move, but given Shanahan’s comments regarding the Rams’ landing of Stafford, it’s clear that he had made up his mind and wanted to make the move for the QB. Unfortunately for him, McVay was the one that acquired the veteran gunslinger.

“That was frustrating,” Shanahan explained. “Everyone was telling me it was a possibility, and Stafford is the man. I studied him hard coming out of college, and we played against him so we know how good he is.”

While Shanahan being frustrated about missing out on Stafford is a story in and of itself, the real story here is Schrager explaining the entire situation for when and where the trade actually took place.

Schrager joined The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday and explained that the two head coaches were actually in Cabo at the same time when the deal was made. Shanahan was studying film on Stafford while on the phone with the front office about a potential move. At the same time, McVay, Stafford, and others were in a different hotel in Cabo seemingly wrapping up the deal to get him to Los Angeles.

Shanahan was told nothing was going to go down with a potential trade that Saturday, so he took his wife out that night not thinking anything of it. Well, something happened.

The story is absolutely hilarious.

There you have it, Shanahan pretty much sacrificed his entire Cabo vacation studying up on Stafford while the Rams were already courting the QB in Cabo themselves.