Sports Reporter Goes Full Mental On Kyler Murray And Wishes He Gets Injured In Since-Deleted Tweets


Kyler Murray recently won the Heisman Trophy, is on his way to a professional sports career, and we have some (somewhat) unknown sports reporter going full-blown nuts on him. Yep, that’s the world we live in thanks to social media, guys.

As a little backstory, Murray signed with the Oakland Athletics last year after the team selected him No. 7 overall in the 2018 MLB Draft. Thing is, the stud athlete wasn’t just good at one sport, as he was ready to take over for incumbent quarterback (and then the reigning Heisman Trophy winner) Baker Mayfield as quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners. Given the season that Kyler Murray just had in Norman — where he racked up some of the most prestigious individual awards and guided his Sooners to the College Football Playoff Semifinals — the stout Murray decided to reassess his options, with news coming out this week that he may just choose the NFL over the MLB.

Oh, damn, we got drama.

Although Kyler Murray hasn’t yet made a final decision on whether or not he’s going after a career in pro baseball or pro football, the rumors about Murray going to the NFL hit a nerve with an Oakland Athletics reporter named Jen Rainwater — and I mean, the rumors hit all the nerves. That’s because, instead of just acting like, you know, an adult, the girl went at Kyler Murray hard, calling him out for being a “stupid, selfish, baby & brat,” then did the one sin nobody should ever say: she wished an injury on Murray.

Take a look at the since-deleted tweets, which were screengrabbed by our buddies over at Total Pro Sports.

Source: Twitter/baseball_jen

Source: Twitter/baseball_jen

Now, I’ll never wish for someone to get canned for being an idiot, as Jen Rainwater was here, because, hey, we all make mistakes. But this girl is in the public eye and writes about the Athletics, so of course this is going to get attention. Hey, Jen, be better.

Hopefully she gets a little slap on the wrist, is told to take a little break from the Twitter machine for a little while and apologizes to Kyler Murray; not that it matters to him anyway. Even if you’re not invested like Jen is writing about the A’s, she’s got to know better than to wish injury on someone, that’s like breaking an unwritten rule as a sports fan.

(H/T Total Pro Sports)

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