Kyrie Irving Defends Deleting His Apology For Sharing An Antisemitic Film

Kyrie Irving

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer

Kyrie Irving has been in the midst of controversy for some time now. Especially when he originally shared an antisemitic film on social media.

It drew a suspension with the Brooklyn Nets, eventually leading to a formal apology for sharing the movie.

After requesting a trade that was seen through, many believed Irving would move forward on a new team.

However, Kyrie Irving caught flack again after he deleted that apology from social media. Now, the new Dallas Mavericks guard defends his decision.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Irving states, “I delete a lot of things on my Instagram… I delete things all the time, and it’s no disrespect to anyone within the community.”

When asked if he still stands by his apology after deleting it, Irving responded with, “I stand by who I am and why I apologized, and I did it because I care about my family,” per the Dallas Morning News.

It’s still a bit confusing though, as there is no benefit in deleting the apology. What does he gain from removing it from social media if he still stands by it?

Regardless, Kyrie Irving reiterates he never meant to offend people. “I didn’t mean to be defensive about it or go at anybody, so I stand by my apology, and I stand by my people everywhere — all walks of life, all races, all religions.”

This is just all-around odd. He says one thing but his actions are contradictory.

We’ll see how it all plays out. However, the Mavericks might be rethinking their decision to trade for Kyrie Irving.