The Biggest NBA Finals Storyline Just Became Kyrie Irving’s ‘Friends’ Tattoo


Look, I’m sure devoted Duke and Cleveland Cavaliers fans already knew that Kyrie Irving has a Friends tattoo. But cut the rest of us who are just discovering this some slack. Try to remember how much the revelation rocked your world when you found out. That’s that the rest of the world is going through right now.

The ink became a hot topic after someone noticed it during Irving’s media session on Wednesday. Forget his health. Forget his thoughts on teammate LeBron James becoming superhuman and leading the Cavs to a series lead. We need to know more about this tattoo.

Kyrie was only 12 when the series ended its run on NBC which means he never knew the pain of the yo-yo Ross-Rachel relationship. That will-they-or-they-won’t-they claimed a lot of sanity in the late 90s.

UPDATE: Irving has responded to storyline, saying he’s a fan of the show. Sometimes the most logical answers are the correct answers.

[H/T: Dime Magazine]