Kyrie Irving Flames The Nets In Reaction To Kevin Durant Being Traded To The Suns

Kyrie Irving Instagram Apology Antisemtic

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After imploding yet another franchise, Kyrie Irving now finds himself in the comfort of a fanbase that isn’t used to his nonsense (for now).

As such, the 30-year-old (he’s 30!) feels entitled to take shots at the Brooklyn Nets, which is exactly what he did when reacting to the news that the Brooklyn Nets had traded Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns.

Speaking to the media in Dallas following his debut with the team on Wednesday night, Irving said that he’s looking forward to seeing Durant, his former teammate, “a little bit more” now that they’re… on separate teams in the Western Conference?

“We had a lot of conversations throughout the year of, you know, what our future is going to look like,” Irving said. “There was still a level of uncertainty. But, we just cared about seeing each other be places that we can thrive, and whether that be together, whether that be apart, there’s never been one moment where I’ve felt like he’s been angry at me for decisions I’ve made or I’ve been angry at him. We just tried to understand each other a lot better and grow as human beings, grow as brothers.”

“This business changes so quickly. He’s getting a little bit older. I’m getting a little bit older. I just love the competition now that we can be in the same conference and I welcome all that. Get to see him a little bit more, probably playing against Phoenix a lot more. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Everything else in between, I’m just glad that he got out of there.”

Irving’s comments, of course, are patently insane considering that all of the recent issues with the Nets — the team HE CHOSE TO GO TO — stem from his incessantly erratic and selfish behavior. Enjoy the honeymoon phase while it lasts, Mavericks fans, because it’s all downhill from there.

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