Kyrie Irving Sends A Message To His Haters But NBA Fans Are Left Confused

Kyrie Irving

Getty Image / Sean Gardner

From the COVID-19 vaccines to the flat earth theories, and everything in between, Kyrie Irving has been at the center of controversy for a few years now.

Since getting traded to the Dallas Mavericks, it’s been pretty quiet for the most part. Even so, it sounds like the star point guard is fed up with it all.

Kyrie Irving recently released a video of himself going on a rant. Barstool Sports shares the clip of Irving sending a message to his haters.

To be honest, I don’t really know what’s going on in this video. Kind of seems like he’s ranting just to rant. Either way, the Mavericks’ star clearly isn’t happy with how he’s portrayed in the media.

The only problem is that he just keeps saying and doing things that give people to post about and comment on. At least that’s how NBA fans feel.

What’s going on here?

Kyrie Irving hasn’t been with the Mavericks all that long and is already back at it.

This is a good point.

Something prompted Kyrie Irving to make this video even though there hasn’t been news about him outside of playing basketball.

Maybe something happens, but until then, we’ll just keep watching him and Luka Doncic try to get back on track.