Lacrosse Team Unleashes TREMENDOUS Last-Second Game-Tying 80-Yard Hail Mary Score

Last month Brandon brought you an extraordinary 80-yard high school lacrosse school. Now we have an even more spectacular 80-yard LAX score from Major League Lacrosse.

On Saturday night at Harvard Stadium, the Boston Cannons were trailing the Rochester Rattlers by the score of 14-12 with three seconds left in the game. They only had time for one last crack at tying the game. Boston’s Brodie Merrill’s made an incredible last-second game-tying 80-yard Hail Mary prayer that found the back of the net as time expired. The tremendous length-of-the-field 2-point goal tied the game.

“I just looked up at the clock to see that there were three seconds left,” said Merrill. “Mitch [Belisle] was about to throw it and I said, ‘Mitch, Mitch, I’m going try to shoot it here.’”

“I whipped it as hard as I could,” Merrill said. “The way the lighting was, it went off into the dark and I saw the reaction from the guys.”

The amazing goal would propel the Cannons to a 15-14 victory.