Philadelphia Phillies Minor League Team Is Going To Wear The Least Masculine Jerseys In The History Of Baseball

Don’t get me wrong here, I actually love the Lakewood Blueclaws as an organization. They are the Philadelphia Phillies’ Single-A affiliate team in Lakewood, New Jersey (not to be confused with Lakewood, Florida), they play their games at FirstEnergy Park which is a pretty awesome stadium by Minor League standards, but they are about to tear their collective man cards into pieces and toss them into a bonfire this Saturday when they debut their ‘Caturday’ jerseys.

Now I don’t think it’s hyperbolic at all when I say that these are the least masculine jerseys in the history of baseball. Even the breast cancer awareness pink jerseys are somehow more masculine than these:

Caturday Lakewood Blueclaws Jerseys

Lakewood Blueclaws

It doesn’t stop with the jersey though, they’re going to MEME the fuck out of this game and make sure to shred any last semblance of masculinity.

via the Lakewood Blueclaws website:

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Saturday at FirstEnergy Park is CATurday, a salute to cats and what promises to be a Purrfect night at the ballpark. .

The BlueClaws will be wearing special jerseys that will be auctioned off to benefit BlueClaws Charities (shown in the image above). For your best chance to secure a jersey, join us at the game, but an extremely limited quantity will be available online next week.
Fans are able to bring their cats to the game (will need to sign a waiver and be in a case or on a leash and cats are admitted with a $2 Paw Pass). The BlueClaws, however, encourage all fans to use proper judgment when deciding if their cat is able to handle the noise, crowd, and atmosphere that they will encounter at a typical BlueClaws game.
There will be songs, movie clips, promotions, memes, and more fun as well!
There will be a special guest appearance by Miss Kitty. The speciality drink “The Black Cat Cocktail” will be available in the Coors Light WRAT Trap. There will be a special rendition of Take MEOW Out to the Ballgame, and a special CATurday T-Shirt will be available in the Claws Cove.

They’re hosting a ‘bring your cat to the ballpark’ night because why the hell not? Special cat-themed drinks, jersey giveaways, cat-themed songs, and basically anything/everything cat-related that you can think of.

I’m a bit flabbergasted as to why they’d think this was a good idea. If they rolled out this same promotion for dogs it’d be amazing, but the fact that it’s all cat everything makes it easily the worst minor league baseball promotion of my lifetime. But then again they’re probably doing it for publicity, and here I am blogging about it, so I guess they’ve already won the war.

P.s., to the Blueclaws, if you’re reading this please don’t unfollow me on Twitter. I’m still a loyal fan of the Blueclaws, I just think this is a god awful promotion.

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