Lamar Jackson’s New Contract Could Reportedly Set Baltimore Ravens Up For Big Trade

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Patrick Smith

The Lamar Jackson contract situation has finally played itself out.

After more than a year of waiting for Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens to agree to a long-term deal.

The deal makes Jackson the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

Despite his big price tag, the way the deal is structured could end up giving the Ravens the opportunity to make a big trade to help the quarterback out for next season.

According to Yahoo’s Charles Robinson, the Jackson contract could make it possible for the Ravens to trade for DeAndre Hopkins.

The Ravens have been linked to Hopkins for a while, but there was some belief that the team signing Odell Beckham Jr would mean they weren’t still an option for Hopkins because of how much money they gave Odell.

Now it appears that may not actually be the case.

This would be a great move for the Ravens to make sure Jackson can succeed after signing his massive contract.

Aside from Mark Andrews, the Ravens haven’t given Lamar Jackson much to work with in terms of pass catchers.

Giving him Hopkins would change that. Hopkins hasn’t been talked about as a top 5 receiver in a while, but he proved that he is still elite last season for the Cardinals after returning from his suspension.

Adding Hopkins to play alongside Andrews, Beckham Jr, and Rashod Bateman would suddenly give the Ravens a dangerous group of pass catchers.

The move likely wouldn’t cost the Ravens much draft capital.

The Baltimore Ravens have already opened draft weekend with some huge news. Maybe we’ll see them steal the headlines one more time before they’re done making their selections in this year’s draft.