Lamar Jackson’s Trade Request Brings Major Changes To His Next Teams Odds

John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Patrick Smith

Lamar Jackson rocked the sporting world again after dropping a hammer about his situation with the Baltimore Ravens.

Apparently, the superstar quarterback requested a trade back on March 2. With this news coming to light, his next team odds have drastically changed.

According to the Action Network, the Indianapolis Colts are now the betting favorite to land Lamar Jackson. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens fail to crack the top-12.

The Ravens not even making this list is the most eye-opening. He technically still plays for Baltimore.

Plus, for any team that wants to acquire him, there are still major hoops to jump through.

There are definitely some notable teams on this list. Although the New York Jets are seemingly all-in on acquiring Aaron Rodgers, they are at +900 to land Jackson. Putting themselves with the sixth-best odds on this list.

Another team to keep an eye on is the Atlanta Falcons. They’re in the top three right now even though they were one of the first organizations to claim they’re out on Lamar Jackson.

Additionally, the Tennessee Titans were within the top two recently. But since then, have fallen as a betting favorite.

For now, Lamar Jackson’s future is incredibly unclear. His non-exclusive tag also complicates things, as it makes trading for him much more difficult.

It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, but we may have more clarity once the NFL Draft kicks off in late April.