NFL Insider Believes The Lamar Jackson Situation Could Take An Interesting Turn

Star NFL QB Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / G Fiume

After 5 years together, the relationship between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens doesn’t appear to be in a great place right now.

The two sides were unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension this offseason and the Ravens ended up using the non-exclusive franchise tag on the star quarterback.

That decision opened up the possibility that another team could acquire Jackson if they made him a contract offer he agreed to and all it would cost them is a couple of first round picks.

Based on recent reports that Jackson requested a trade this offseason, that might not be an outcome he’d be particularly unhappy with.

However, there has yet to be an offer made for the former MVP. If one doesn’t come, he could be left deciding if he actually wants to play on that tag for the 2023 season and it looks like that may not be something he’s interested in.

According to NFL insider Mike Florio, there is a very real chance that Lamar Jackson won’t show up to play for the money he is currently set to be paid by the Baltimore Ravens.

I really do think it’s going to come down to him and the Ravens. Can they work something out before the middle of July on a long-term deal? If they can’t, will he play for $32.4 million in 2023? I wouldn’t. I would want more than $32.4 million if I’m Lamar Jackson.

I think we have to take seriously the possibility that he won’t show up this year unless they offer him more money than he’s due to make.

A holdout from Lamar Jackson wouldn’t exactly be a shocking outcome after the Ravens decided to give him the non-exclusive tag.

He has been looking for long-term security throughout his negotiations with the Ravens and the 1-year, $32 million deal doesn’t exactly provide that.

Luckily, the two sides still have the ability to work on a long-term deal until the middle of July.

For them to reach an agreement, Jackson may need to lower his expectations, especially if he doesn’t get an enticing offer from another team.

There is still a chance that Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens get this situation worked out, but this could be a very contentious offseason for the two sides.