This Graphic Showing The Gap Between Lamar Jackson And His Four Closest Heisman Chasers Is Laughable

I haven’t seen a college football player put up numbers like Lamar Jackson is this season since I created an all-99-ranking quarterback in NCAA Football for PlayStation. That’s how incredible Lamar Jackson is in four games this season. He is VIDEO GAME GOOD. There is no other way to describe a quarterback who has accounted for an average of over 300 passing yards, 100 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns per game. That. Is. Stupid.

A few minutes ago, ESPN tweeted this graphic to show just how stupid Jackson’s stats are compared to the four other players who have a “chance” at winning this year’s Heisman Trophy.

To be honest, I don’t know how they ever close this gap. Even if he only accounts for an average of 250 passing yards, 75 rushing years and 3 touchdowns per game going forward, how do you not hand the Heisman trophy to the guy? One thing is for sure, if Jackson does to Clemson this weekend what he did to FSU a few weeks ago (see: violent sodomy), this year’s Heisman race is all but over.