Lamar Jackson Is Reportedly Suing Amazon For Allegedly Selling Knock-Off Clothes With His Nicknames And Persona

lamar jackson suing amazon

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Lamar Jackson exploded onto the scene last season en route to being named league MVP and picked up quite a few nicknames along the way. ‘Lamarvelous’ and ‘Action Jackson’ stand out as the favorites as we saw plenty of fans rockin’ shirts with those phrases on them throughout the year.

It turns out, according to Jackson, third-party vendors on Amazon’s marketplace are selling knock-off clothes using those nicknames and his persona so the 23-year-old has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Amazon.

Jackson — according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports — says on Amazon’s marketplace, 3rd party vendors are selling T-shirts and hoodies that he claims the company shouldn’t be allowed to sell.

The Baltimore Ravens QB says he’s seen Lamarvelous shirts, Action Jackson tees and Not Bad For A Running Back hoodies — among other items — that all “pirate” his brand and “use his name, likeness, image and persona for commercial gain without permission.”

Jackson is asking for damages … and he also wants Amazon to stop selling the shirts and clothes for good.

It’s a rather bold move to file a lawsuit against a giant company such as Amazon that’s worth billions and billions of dollars, but the company’s alleged selling of these knock-off clothes certainly can’t be helping him actually profit off of his own nicknames and images. You can’t really blame one of the most popular athletes in North America for not wanting to be linked to these knockoffs and third-party vendors.

Jackson has his own brand, Era 8 Apparel, which makes and sells clothing with his nicknames and other themes related to the Ravens.