Lamar Jackson Trade Speculation Reaches A New High After Ravens GM’s Latest Comments

Lamar Jackson

Getty Image / Joe Sargent

There are still no clear answers for what’s in store for Lamar Jackson. Rumors continue to run rampant with the NFL Draft right around the corner.

Now, trade speculation reaches a new high all thanks to Baltimore Ravens general manager, Eric DeCosta.

DeCosta recently spoke with media. As you can imagine, he was asked about Lamar Jackson’s situation. However, the Ravens GM shut it down and claimed “his focus at this press conference is on the draft,” per Field Yates.

That’s all fine and dandy. It would be a bit crazy if Eric DeCosta just opened up and started spilling the beans on what’s going on with Jackson.

From there, the media asked DeCosta about the upcoming NFL Draft. According to Andrew Siciliano, the Ravens’ goal right now is to acquire more draft picks.

Let’s think for a minute. What would be the best way to acquire more draft picks? Lamar Jackson is by far the most valuable player on the roster.

Additionally, it’s not like the team can really afford to lose anyone else this offseason just to improve their draft capital.

With that said, Ravens fans couldn’t help but be concerned about what these comments might mean for Lamar Jackson.

You would think that is the case, but the Ravens are kind of going against the grain.

Baltimore has been scouting Anthony Richardson. Could he ba a replacement for Lamar Jackson?

The first round of the NFL Draft takes place on April 27. With that said it’ll be interesting to see what the Ravens do.

Lamar Jackson is very much on everybody’s radar at this point, as his future is completely up in the air. Perhaps we’ll receive more clarity during the draft.