Lane Kiffin’s Idea For Ole Miss To Practice Less Than Other Teams Is Genius

lane kiffin ole miss practice less idea

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It was no secret that Lane Kiffin was going to bring a different mindset and culture to the Ole Miss football program after being hired in December. Add that to the fact that the entire sports world finds itself in unprecedented times due to the pandemic and every coach’s unique abilities are being put to the test.

Kiffin recently joined RebTalk and presented a number of interesting ideas on how to approach not only the 2020 college football season but practices leading up to the season. One of his ideas involves literally not practicing or at least practicing less, which is both a practical and genius idea altogether.

“Maybe that means you don’t even practice as much because you don’t want kids close to each other,” Kiffin said according to The Grove Report. “I’ve even thought about things like, maybe there would be times in the season where we just walk through and keep our space and not even practice. It’s going to make us not play as well but we’ll have more players than the other team.”

You have to love this quote. Kiffin realizes less practice ‘is going to make us not play as well,’ but at the end of the day, Ole Miss will simply have more healthy players than the team on the other sideline.

Kiffin’s idea here truly is a sneak peek into the interesting reality that maybe the upcoming college football season. Teams that stay the healthiest, especially when it comes to impact players, will have an advantage over other teams, it’s as simple as that.

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