Lane Kiffin Says Maybe Some Teams ‘Don’t Want To Play’ In Response To SEC Games Being Postponed

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The SEC had a relatively successful run through the first seven weeks of the season in terms of playing games while dealing with the pandemic, but this week has been an entirely different story. On Wednesday, the Georgia-Missouri game scheduled for Saturday was postponed making it the fourth SEC game slated for this weekend to be nixed.

Alabama-LSU, Texas A&M-Tennessee, and Auburn-Mississippi State are the other three SEC games that have been postponed this weekend due to COVID-19.

One of the three games in the conference still scheduled to take place on Saturday is South Carolina at Ole Miss. Lane Kiffin, who never shies away from taking a subtle jab or show off his wittiness in a press conference, made an interesting remark when asked about all the postponements around the conference.

While the Ole Miss head coach did acknowledge that the postponements are a result of positive tests and contact tracing, he ended his remarks by suggesting that maybe some teams who aren’t having great years simply don’t want to play games anymore this season.

“I guess injuries are counting in those numbers that people can get out of playing,” Kiffin said Wednesday, according to The Clarion-Ledger. “I don’t know. Maybe some people don’t want to play. Maybe their season’s not going good. So who knows?”

Kiffin being 100% authentic is part of his charm, so to speak. He’s not anywhere near the level of Mike Leach of ‘what the hell is he about to say’ levels, but he always speaks his mind.

He certainly isn’t the only person in the world that had the thought at least cross their mind that maybe teams are ducking games at this point so credit to him for actually saying it, even if it was probably tongue in cheek.