It Sounds Like Laremy Tunsil’s Former Financial Advisor May Have Been The One Who Leaked That Video

It has not been a good week to be Laremy Tunsil. At all. I don’t think his week even needs to be recapped because everyone knows what we’re talking about. The only thing worth talking about is who hacked Tunsil’s social media. It obviously had to be someone that really hated him/someone that he angered in some way but who also had access to his social media and that was intelligent enough to know how to use it. I had money on it being a spurned baby mama, but everyone else seemed to think it was stepdad who was all butthurt about Tunsil badmouthing him in public, forcing the two of them to go to court for a defamation of character suit. Really, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Dolphins themselves “leaked” the video so his stock would drop and they could pick him for themselves.

Well, we can put all those theories to rest, because it sounds like the culprit has been found. According to Dolphins beat-reporter Andrew Abramson, Tunsil’s ex-financial advisor is the one who dropped the video.

Cold world. I’d love to know what the hell Tunsil could have possibly done to piss his ex-financial manager off enough that he detonated a social media atom bomb on the guy’s career. Why does a college kid even need a financial manager? Is he so incapable of keeping track of the $30 he has to his name that he has to have a phone conversation with a professional every time he’s about to spend $6 at Taco Bell after taking his third gas mask bong hit to the face? Regardless, this story is still developing, so we’ll have to see how things go. But, judging how Tunsil’s week has already been going, it’ll probably go badly.