One NFL Quarterback Has Reportedly Not Been Given Permission To Seek A Trade

Derek Carr running with the ball

Getty Image / Mark Alberti

It has been over a month now since the Las Vegas Raiders made the shocking decision to bench Derek Carr and make Jarrett Stidham their starting quarterback to close out the season.

Ever since they made that decision, it has been abundantly clear that they will be losing for a new QB this offseason and Carr will be playing elsewhere next year.

What isn’t clear is where exactly he’ll end up playing.

There are plenty of teams around the league that could be interested in adding Carr as they try and figure out their quarterback situation. However, there haven’t been many reports about anybody actually making an offer.

Now it turns out that according to Albert Breer, the Raiders haven’t given Carr permission to seek a trade.

My understanding as of right now is the Raiders have not granted Carr’s camp the ability to seek a trade. And even though there are the aforementioned teams out there with needs, dealing him before the Feb. 15 deadline—when his $32.9 million base for next year and $7.5 million of his 2024 money vests as fully guaranteed—won’t be easy. And he absolutely won’t be on the Raiders’ roster past that date, so there is the idea that teams that are interested in him should just wait for Las Vegas to cut him.

It’s an approach that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense as Carr’s 2023 salary and part of his 2024 salary become fully guaranteed on February 15th. You would think that they’d be trying to do whatever they can to trade him before they just have to cut him.

Cutting him isn’t too costly for the Raiders right now. He would only carry a dead cap hit of $5.625 million. It’s not a huge amount, but you would think they would prefer to get compensation of some kind for their former starting quarterback.

With each day that passes, it gets more and more likely that Derek Carr will be cut, which isn’t quite ideal for the Raiders, but will give Carr more options for teams he can land with during the offseason.