Las Vegas Raiders Owner Mark Davis Explains George Floyd ‘I Can Breathe’ Tweet And Refuses To Delete It After Backlash

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Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis has found himself at the center of controversy following the Derek Chauvin trial.

After Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, the Raiders posted a controversial “I Can Breathe” tweet that received immediate backlash from fans.

Davis spoke to the media to explain the tweet which he says he sent out himself. According to the Raiders owner, the tweet was inspired by George Floyd’s brother Philonise, who said “today, we are able to breathe again” after the conclusion of the Chauvin trial.

Davis claims he was unaware NYPD supporters wore the “I Can Breathe” shirts following the death of Eric Garner back in 2014.

Davis went on to say he was not going to delete the post despite the controversy.