‘Last Chance U’ Coach Jason Brown Resigns After Telling German Player ‘I’m Your New Hitler’


Welp, that was fast.

On Friday, the Montgomery County Chronicle exposed text messages Independence Community College head football coach Jason Brown sent to a German player, who he called a “German fuck” and called himself “your new Hitler.” Those who watched seasons 3 and 4 of Netflix’s Last Chance U know that this likely isn’t even the most controversial thing Brown said that day, as the hot-tempered coach often toed the line between tough love and verbal abuse.

This exchange was evidently the straw that broke Brown’s back, as Monday he announced his resignation from head coach of the JUCO college.

In a two page letter to his “fans, supporters, both past and present players, and coaches,” Brown announced his resignation from head coach of Independence Community College after 3.5 years of coaching the team to a cumulative record of 16-15. The team had gone 14-82 in the 10 years prior.

The first page of the letter was basically several resume points, presumably used to secure a gig elsewhere. Brown mentioned how in 2017, he led the school to its best record in school history, 9-2. He pumped his own tires for signing a nation record of 40 Division 1 signees that same year. He added that ICC had the highest football team GPA in the Jayhawk Conference in ’16’17 and  the highest graduation rate in the country, which is nearly impossible to believe.

In the second page of the letter, Brown thanks the powers that be at ICC and its community members before addressing the incident that prompted his resignation:

Given what has most recently been allowed to transpire, it is clear, that it will be nearly impossible to stay here. More plainly, the Montgomery County Chronicle has greatly diminished my ability to successfully do my job, and has set this football program back significantly, and the cumulative effect of all these detrimental factors I believe clearly constitute a constructive discharge of my employment…I urge all the naysayers on campus and in town to really look at yourself in the mirror and do a self-evaluation of yourself before so harshly judging others.

Hilarious. Zero remorse. Shamelessly deferring blame. So Coach Brown it hurts.

The positive from this is that season 4 of Last Chance U just became appointment television. It is slated to premier this summer.

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