Latest Transfer Portal News Gives Deion Sanders And Colorado An Unbelievable Number Of Players In The Portal

Colorado coach Deion Sanders

Getty Image / Emma McIntyre

When Deion Sanders was hired as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes’ football program, he made his intentions clear.

He was coming in to change the program and that could mean there wasn’t going to be much room for some players that were already part of the team.

He even let them know that some players should be ready to head to the transfer portal the first time he spoke to his new team.

There have been quite a few players who have taken his advice since then.

Some went into the portal right away, including a pair of quarterbacks.

Last week, there was a day that 5 players entered the transfer portal in the same day.

Today another player decided to join them.

According to On3 Sports’ Matt Zenitz, Colorado defensive lineman Na’im Rodman has decided to enter the transfer portal. He is the 23rd player to enter the transfer portal for the Buffaloes this offseason.

Rodman had spent the previous 4 years with the Buffaloes and started 17 games for them over the course of his career.

How much any of these transfers will actually impact Colorado will be interesting to see next season as Coach Prime has done a pretty good job of replacing anybody leaving the program.

Sanders has landed 27 transfers and currently has the nation’s top transfer class.

He also recruited the nation’s top corner back and three 4-star recruits as part of the nation’s 30th ranked recruiting class.

The college football world knew to expect big changes to the Colorado Buffaloes’ football program when Deion Sanders took over and he has absolutely delivered on that expectation.

Sanders and the team’s fans will be hoping those big changes apply to the program’s record next season as well.