LaVar Ball Ripped LaMelo Ball In Locker Room After Ejection For Fight: ‘You’re A Selfish Motherf**er’

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Back in September, LaVar Ball chose 14 of the best players from his JBA league to compete in 28 exhibition games against international opponents. Team USA squeaked by Denmark in its opener but then dropped two straight to two different Lithuanian clubs, with 17-year-old LaMelo Ball unable to secure a victory in the country he played a professional stint in.

In the second loss, tempers flared between LaMelo Ball and a Lithuanian player after a foul call. Ball and Dzukija’s Mindaugas Susinskas were both ejected after getting in a fight during the third quarter. After LaMelo’s ejection, Team USA lost to LKL team Dzukija after blowing a 20-point lead.

The latest episode of Ball in the Family took us inside the locker room after Team USA’s loss to a livid LaVar Ball, who took aim at his youngest son in an expletive-filled tirade that was intended to “make him cry.”

Here’s the transcript of the rant, via For The Win:

“You a selfish mother(expletive). You get tapped in the head, I told your ass we can not (expletive) respond like that. You of all people, but you let me down. You (expletive) up my brand, you (expletive) up my game. We don’t win because your ass (expletive) [pretends to fight] ‘let’s go, what’cha wanna do?’ Son, I told your ass, I said you’re getting on my bad last nerve because you’re doing the wrong (expletive) over and over and over. I thought you had my back. You don’t care about nobody on the team. You don’t care about winning. You care about yourself. And I’m supposed to be calm.

“You new guys, I brought you over here to block a (expletive) shot … You might as well go back home. Come over here and play. I thought you ya’ll was hungry for a (expletive) job. Ain’t nobody getting no job playing like this. Ain’t nobody getting no job. But I tell you what, I blame this, this loss right here not on none of ya’ll. Cause ya’ll need to do your thing. I blame it on that raggedy (expletive) right there [pointing at LaMelo]. You changed the whole, the whole trip is (expletive) up now.”

After Ball went apeshit, his team ripped off 11 straight wins before falling to KK Rabotnički of Macedonia on November 15.

[h/t For The Win]


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