LaVar Ball Says He’s Cutting Off Lithuanian Head Coach After He Didn’t Start His Sons

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^ This photo tells the whole story of LaVar Ball and Virginijus Seskus’ relationship. LaVar is probably condescending berating him for eating sweets before dinner or failing to ask him if he could use the restroom.

Things are reaching tipping point status with LaVar and Seskus after the  Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas head coach started LiAngelo and LaMelo on the bench in the team’s most recent loss in the upper Lithuanian league.

Despite starting on the bench, LiAngelo and LaMelo got hefty playing time–with LiAngelo scoring a game-high 25 points on 8-of-15 shooting and LaMelo finishing with 19 points and six assists. Still, the Ball team lost convincingly, 118-96.

After the game, LaVar sounded off on Seskus, going so far to say that he’s “not going to be his buddy anymore because he threw my friendship out the window.”

“We could win this game easily, but the coach doesn’t have confidence to let my boys do what they do. I told him the recipe how to win. If you don’t want to take that, it tells me you don’t want to win.

I’m a guy about loyalty. If my sons come to practice every day … We’re friendly, we have a nice friendship, they work hard. But you put guys who didn’t practice for the game before my boys? I don’t care about the game no more. I’m thinking about the loyalty right now. He showed me how much our friendship is worth.

That’s like if somebody is coming from another team, Croatia or anywhere, and I’m saying, ‘We want your boys, we have more money, we are a better team.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, Lithuania. I’m out!’ I ain’t do that!

But a guy he just brought the next day, another guy who didn’t practice the whole week, he starts them over my boys. I thought we were better than that. If you throw away our friendship like that, it shows it was worth nothing. So I’m good with that. I’m cool with that.

I’m really mad at a coach. I thought our friendship was better than that. I’ll say hi to him, but I’m not going to be his buddy anymore because he threw my friendship through the window. I’m not talking to him. I ain’t ready for any explanations no more.

I don’t be having fun watching the game no more. I’m like whatever.”

To be honest, I’m actually proud of LaVar for not exploding on the dude for no reason sooner.

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