This 7-Acre Crop Circle Of LeBron James Is The Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happen To The State Of Ohio

Crop circle? Corn maze? This is how the great state of Ohio has decided to honor LeBron James for bringing a championship home to Cleveland, and if you’re LeBron James this effigy made out of corn is how you know you’ve finally entered the annals of history.

This 7-acre corn maze/crop circle honoring LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers can be found at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio, just 30 or so miles from LeBron’s hometown of Akron. And it will be open to the public this Fall so that everyone can get lost in the monument to success:

via Facebook:

We’re ramping up for our 2016 Fall Festival Season. In doing so, we are PROUD to unveil this year’s themed Corn Maze. BELIEVELAND! This 7 acre beauty is a tribute to the hard work and resolve our Cavs showed in bringing a championship to Northeast Ohio! Stay up to date at

Ohio has truly outdone themselves this time. This is now officially the most Ohio thing to ever happen in the state of Ohio and the state is now giving Indiana and Iowa stiff competition as the ‘most hokey’ state in America.

If you’ve suckled from the teet of LeBron’s championship and want to continue sharing in his glorious achievements you, YES YOU, can visit this corn maze/crop circle yourself by following the link above to the Mapleside Farms’ Facebook page.

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