LeBron James Couldn’t Stop Laughing At Draymond Green For Getting Ejected After Berating Ref During Warriors-Lakers

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Draymond Green got himself ejected during Thursday night’s Warriors-Lakers game and LeBron loved it.

Watch as Draymond gets two quick technical fouls in the span of about ten seconds after cursing out the refs.

LeBron and the rest of the Lakers on the bench couldn’t stop from laughing at Draymond’s latest antics.

LeBron wssn’t the only one to clown Draymond. Charles Barkley had some fun mocking Green during the halftime show.

And former NBA player Kendrick Perkins had a good laugh at Draymond’s expense.

It’s been a long season for Draymond and the Warriors, I can’t blame him for not wanting to play tonight.