LeBron James Declares Himself The GOAT Over Michael Jordan Because He Beat The 73-9 Warriors In The Finals

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The debate about who the greatest basketball player of all-time will be forever debated even after LeBron James retire. Many feel Michael Jordan will forever be considered the GOAT considering that he went 6-0 in the finals while others believe that LeBron has surpassed him with his unbelievable play despite his shortcomings in the playoffs while playing with inferior players.

LeBron has mostly kept his opinion about the GOAT debate to himself until today where he told a group of friends on ESPN’s ‘More Than Athlete: show that he feels he became the greatest of all-time after beating the 73-9 Warriors in the finals.

That made me the greatest player of all-time. That’s what I felt. Everyone was like they were the greatest team ever assembled and for us to come back the way we came back in that fashion I was like you did something special. That was the only time in my career that I was like oh shit you did something special but that was the moment”

Let’s just say the Jordan stans didn’t agree with LeBron’s GOAT declaration.

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