LeBron James Completely Disrespects The Knicks In Instagram Post After Win, Calls Himself The ‘King Of New York’

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Petty LeBron is back!

For the past few days, LeBron James has been feuding with Knicks players when he implied that the team should drafted Dennis Smith Jr. instead of Frank Nikit

The Knicks passed on a really good one, and Dallas got the diamond in the rough,” “He should be a Knick. That’s going to make some headlines, but he should be a Knick. Dallas is definitely, I know they’re excited that he didn’t go there.”

During last night’s game, LeBron got into it with Frank Nikit which prompted Knicks center to get in LeBron’s face.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, LeBron was masterful on the court and lead his team to a 23 point comeback win in Madison Square Garden. Despite the Cavs victory, Enes Kanter still had some words for LeBron after the game.

“I’ll tell you one thing, this team is really special. And you ain’t coming to my house, playing that water bottle flip game again. I don’t care who you are, what you call yourself, King, Queen, Princess, whatever you are. You know what, we’re going to fight. Ain’t nobody out there gonna punk us. So we’re just gonna go out there, play our game, and we’re just gonna get better and better every day.”

This morning, LeBron fired a shot at the Knicks and their fans by posting an Instagram pic of himself standing over the Knicks logo where he declares himself “The King of New York”.

Petty LeBron is by far the best LeBron.

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