LeBron James Gets Ripped To Shreds For Leaving Blowout Lakers Loss With Over 5 Minutes Left In The Game

LeBron James

  • LeBron James was seen leaving blowout loss vs Suns with over five minutes left to go in the game
  • Fans blast LeBron for leaving game early
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Like everyone watching the game at home, LeBron James couldn’t bare to stick around to watch the Lakers get blown out by the Phoenix Suns.

On Tuesday night, the Phoenix Suns put a beatdown on the Anthony Davis-less Lakers and were comfortably in the lead by over 30 points for much of the game.

In the fourth quarter with over five minutes left in the game, a frustrated LeBron could be seen walking off the court and heading towards the locker room.

LeBron, who has been criticized several times throughout his career for leaving games early during losses, was immediately crushed by NBA fans.

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