LeBron James Was Bored So He Snapped A Mid-Game Selfie With Some Fans


While I’m stoked about basketball being back, it takes more than just a few preseason games to get me to pop a beer and actually watch an entire game. Sure, unlike NFL preseason games that are a complete waste of time, NBA exhibitions actually have starters playing for longer than, oh, about 10 minutes.

That doesn’t mean that they take it seriously, though.

Just ask LeBron James, who, during a video review during a game between the his Cavs and the Atlanta Hawks, figured he’d have some fun with the fans who were sitting behind the scorer’s table, as he leaned back and snapped a selfie with them. Here’s how the shot actually turned out, via Twitter:  


Of course, this isn’t the first time a superstar athlete has turned the camera on themselves during a game, as Washington Nationals stud outfielder Bryce Harper gave a fan a once-in-a-lifetime image on their phone.

“Man, going to sporting events sure has changed since I was younger”—so says my 31-year-old inner monologue.

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