LeBron’s Unfortunate Twitter Typo Has Given His Haters The Most Slanderous Nickname Imaginable

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LeBron James made himself the butt of jokes on Tuesday evening with an unfortunate typo on a Twitter post. While attempting to repost a Nike promo praising the future Hall of Famer’s legacy, he called himself a “mid” NBA player.

The Nike post commented on James’s desire to put his hometown of Akron, Ohio on the map. Not only that, but his persistence to continue building the city up through community engagement, shaping the community that shaped him.

Everyone can agree, Akron is never far from LeBron’s mind, and he’s done everything possible to remember where he came from.

The Nike post read:

Since the start of his career, LeBron James has strived to put his hometown Akron, Ohio on the map. Now 20 years in, he is still working on reshaping the community that shaped him. “What Are You Working On?” featuring LeBron is out now.

But an unfortunate mistake lent NBA fans the perfect opportunity to take a shot at the All-Star player.

LeBron James calls himself “mid” with unfortunate typo

After seeing that post commending LeBron James and his legacy in Akron, the superstar attempted to retweet the message with a hashtag of his own.

One key mistake caused his post to backfire.

The hashtag read, “TheMidFromAKRON,” which has led to an uproar on social media.

Obviously, James was trying to type #TheKidFromAKRON but a slight error led to a major mishap. Fans didn’t wait long to capture the now deleted message in a screenshot and post their comments online.

Take a look at the immediate reaction.

One fan wrote, “The Mid from Akron is one of the funniest LeBron hate names of all time and LeBron came up with it?? Truly a generational player.”

Another said, “LeBron just accidentally gave himself the greatest slander name. It’s brilliant.”

One NBA follower commented, “I cannot believe LeBron accidentally called himself mid today,” after seeing the now viral post. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

James might’ve deleted the post, but nothing ever truly leaves the internet.

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