LeBron James Surprised His Mom With One Of The Best Birthday Presents Ever

LeBron James Surprised His Mom With The Best Birthday Present Ever

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  • Lebron James’ mother, Gloria James, is about to celebrate her 54th birthday and King James surprised her with one of the best birthday presents ever
  • LeBron James is a wealthy man and made it even harder for the rest of us kids to compete in the gift giving game by presenting his mom with a loaded new car
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LeBron James is already trying to win the coveted ‘Son of the Year’ award and it’s only January. His mother’s birthday isn’t until the end of next week but he’s already surprised her with an extravagant birthday gift that’s so over the top the rest of us would never be able to compete.

Pretty much everything LeBron James does gets scrutinized by the media whether it’s good, bad, or neutral. So I figured we should at least celebrate LeBron for being an awesome son today.

We already know that LeBron James is an incredible gift giver. Steph Curry recently shared how LeBron gifted him an autographed Cavs jersey when Steph was still just in high school. And it’s hanging in Curry’s childhood bedroom still to this day.

LeBron James has made $387,384,119 in career earnings just from playing basketball. His estimated net worth is somewhere between $500 million and $700 million total. So what does a man with such considerable wealth get his mom for her birthday? A brand new fully loaded Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, one of the sickest SUVs ever designed.

LeBron James Surprised His Mom With One Of The Best Birthday Presents Ever

Gloria James will turn 54 years old on February 4th. Nobody expects to be surprised with a brand new Mercedes-Benz G Wagon over a week before their birthday. LeBron definitely pulled off a successful surprise by gifting it to her so many days in advance. Well done.

Gloria shared those photos of her new G Wagon from Bron on Instagram and down in the comments everyone shared adulation for the incredible gesture. Her caption reads “Thank you my caring and giving son, @kingjames, for my early surprise birthday gift! You’re always thinking of and doing things to help make my life easier and make me happy. Love you infinity ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

LeBron’s mom, Gloria James, was so excited with her new G-Wagon that he was hopping in the comments on IG to chat with random people. One person commented ‘exactly what I want to do for my dad one day. I know being a single parent wasn’t easy for him!’ and Gloria responded ‘that’s awesome that you want to take care of your dad. But I have a feeling that he does and will love you regardless.’ Parents are awesome, aren’t they? Also, can we take a second to recognize that LeBron’s momo has 102K followers on Instagram?!

How Much Did LeBron James Spend On His Mom’s G-Wagon Birthday Gift?

It’s unclear exactly how much LeBron spent on his mom’s new G-Wagon but the 2021 G 550 starts at $131,600 and the AMG G-63 Wagon starts at $157,750 and the price can go up considerably with add-ons. The 2022 models start at $133,250 for the G-550 and the G 63 Wagon starts at $159,000 this year.

The G-Wagon is one of the coolest-looking SUVs ever designed but it’s also one of the fastest. 2022 Mercedes-Benz G Wagons have a top speed of 149 MPH which is up from 137 mph in previous years. This year’s G 63 can go 0-to-60 in only 4.5 seconds with the 9-speed automatic that pumps out 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. It’s a BEAST of a vehicle and one that I’ve always dreamed of owning one day.