LeBron James Brilliantly Shuts Down Reporter Who Asks If He’s Tired

by 3 years ago

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28.5, 13, 11. That is LeBron James’ stat line over the past two games. Averaging a triple double. It has amounted to no more than two blowout losses at the hands of a well-oiled Golden State team that has led 86 out of the 96 minutes this series.

LeBron has run an average speed of 3.83 mph on the defense end this series, contrary to his 3.54 mph in the first three rounds. This is indicative in LBJ taking on less of a roaming role to stick with Kevin Durant, who has scored 71 points in the first two games. James has set such a high bar for himself that reporters are drilling him with the “What’s wrong, are you tired?” questions, like the dude isn’t the only one with a pulse in a Cavs uniform right now. J.R. Smith has made one (1) shot in the first two games of the NBA Finals. Tristan Thompson, who brutalized the Celtics on the boards, is getting out rebounded by Steph Curry 16-8. Kyrie shooting 40% from the field doesn’t help much, either.

Regardless, the question to ask the man whose putting up ungodly numbers for a shrinking Cavs team isn’t ‘Where the fuck are your teammates?’ it’s this…

When asked about the list of things that need to go right for the Cavs to win tonight, LeBron could have said things like ‘wake J.R. up from his coma,’ or ‘pull Tristan Thompson’s balls from his stomach,’ but he took a more civil approach.

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