LeBron James Wore A Sweet Trench Coat So Of Course The Internet Went Nuts Making It A Meme

NY to the Garden a few weeks back! #SomethingSimple #StriveForGreatness

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The Internet had already been having tons of fun at the expense of LeBron James thanks to his wicked, killer ‘stache, but last night things went next level.

And it was all thanks to a selfie that LeBron dropped on Instagram showing himself wearing one suh-weet trench coat.

I could be wrong, but knowing LeBron, and since this photo was from a couple of weeks ago, methinks that he knew exactly what type of firestorm of hilarity would take place once he posted it. After all, he certainly got a big kick out of the “Mechanic LeBron” meme that hit the Interwebs awhile back.

Here were some of the best reactions to “The Coat.”

H/T BSO, Larry Brown Sports, UPROXX