Meet The Blind MMA Fighter Who Is Regularly Beating Fully-Sighted Opponents In The Cage

by 3 years ago

Throughout the history of MMA we’ve seen plenty of disabled fighters take the cage. There was Nick Newell, the one-armed fighter who was able to become XFC champion. There was also Matt Hammill who fought at the highest level in the sport although he was deaf.

Now we have Lee Hoy of Whiteleas, South Shields, who has been legally blind since birth but has been able to find the determination to compete in MMA and be successful

Lee took up MMA two years ago, with an aim of gaining some self-defense skills but now regularly competes in bouts against sighted opponents and has even gone on to win bronze medals in two grappling competitions.

Lee is now hoping that his success in the, sport will act as an inspiration for other visually impaired people to get in the cage and give it a go

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