Lenny Dykstra Joined Twitter By Dropping An F-Bomb Which Didn’t Surprise A Single Person

At least Lenny Dykstra isn’t the most bananas person in the world *fart noise*.

Dykstra is one of those celebrities who never fails to amaze me. It seems like every time he emerges back into the public eye, he does something else to further prove that he really should have never come back in the first place. The guy’s been arrested for everything from drunk driving to indecent exposure. The arrest list on his Wikipedia page reads like the rap sheet of a Lethal Weapon villain. So you know, someone as infamous as that would be wise to maybe not join a site Twitter where his every thought can and will be broadcast to the entire world. But alas, he joined today anyway in typical Dykstra fashion.

Imagine being this guy’s publicist? I’d put a fake tooth full of cyanide in the back of mouth for when I finally needed an excuse to stop coming to work. The funniest part of this whole things is that Dykstra seems to think that he hasn’t already spent years saying whatever the fuck he wants. Guy ran his own business into the ground because he would hire workers that weren’t white just so he could talk smack about them. You can’t turn other ethnicities into the office fools before turning around and saying “I haven’t always said whatever I wanted to.”

Also, lucky for us, Twitter reacted swimmingly to Dykstra’s arrival.