SNL’s Leslie Jones’ Live-Tweeting Of The Olympics Is HANDS-DOWN The Best Coverage Of The Games

Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty great follow when it comes to the Rio Olympic Games on Twitter, but he’s got NOTHING on SNL’s Leslie Jones.

She was live-tweeting events in the early morning on Friday, WAY before the Opening Ceremony and hasn’t stopped since. From the looks of her tweets she hasn’t missed a single event and her commentary on each one has been the best thing about these Olympics.

In fact, they are SO good that she even got an offer to come down to Rio and do her thing at the Games themselves.

She’s still deciding whether or not to take them up on the offer.

In the mean time, you HAVE to see some of the amazing commentary she’s been providing for everything from shooting to swimming to cycling to well, pretty much everything. (Note: This is like 10% of the tweeting she’s done about the Games. It’s truly been amazing.)

Leslie Jones is all of us.

She figured it out.

They kind of do when they walk out.

Jones gets beach volleyball.

And shooting.

We’re right here with her on this event.

Jones wants nothing to do with these ladies.

Damn, right, Leslie. We got this.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Follow the rest of her incredible commentary here.

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