LFL Player Alli Alberts Wins MVP And Celebrates Properly By Chugging Entire Beer On Field

The LFL (Once the Lingerie Football League, now the Legends Football League) does things a little different than most football leagues. For one, their players are in panties. Secondly, they’re not so uptight and strict, which makes for fun (Take notes NFL).

When Chicago Bliss’ free-safety Alli Alberts was announced as the game MVP in her team’s home opener she celebrated in a way your regular Joe would celebrate, cracked open a frosty beer and chugged away. Besides being fun, it seems like it would make for a fine marketing strategy for all the beer companies out there.

But it wasn’t all about her, Alli also thanked the fans on her Facebook with kind words and some outstanding twerking.

Please don’t let Roger Goodell see this video, he’ll have a heart attack and fine Alli.