LFL Coach LIGHTS UP Ref With F-Bombs — How AWESOME Would It Be If They Did This In The NFL?

I hate that the No Fun League is such pansy-asses when it comes to cursing and swearing. It’s football. It’s a violent, emotional game. It’s basically the WWE except with a small platoon of 300-pound men in pads beating the shit out of each other. But there are stiff rules and fines that players, coaches, and owners have to pay to Sith Overlord Roger Goodell if you say “fuck” to the virgin ears of a television audience. Personally, I think broadcast partners like ESPN, Fox, and CBS could make the game a lot more exciting if an occasional hot mic picked up a f-bomb here and there. It’s much better than a flag being tossed every time someone touches pretty boy Tom Brady’s hair.

The LFL just gets it, man. This week a video is going viral of Seattle Mist head coach Chris Michaelson going in on a ref with a barrage of f-bombs. Michaelson is pretty much a legend at this point for his hotheaded tirades: Last summer he exploded on his players in the locker room, came “under review” for a similar incident, and blew up on his quaterback.

In otherwords, Chris Michaelson is THE MAN. That’s my kind of football coach right there. Too bad he’ll never have a job in college or NFL ball, where the general public would have their panties in a twist over his antics.

Sports fans really need to grow a pair.

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