LFL Coach Goes Off In The Locker Room With The Most Profanity-Laden Rant In The History Of Sports

If the Austin Acoustic head coach was seeking to make a name for himself and raise the public awareness of his team then he just succeeded spectacular fashion. Austin’s LFL head coach Jericho Harris was captured on film dropping the most profanity-laden locker room speech in the history of sports, squeezing enough f-bombs into one rant to make a drunken sailor blush. Seriously, I tried to keep track of the number of swear words he used in 43-seconds and I lost count like 15 seconds into the clip.

At a time when the pussification of America has reached a thunderous crescendo it’s nice to see that there’s still some grit left in our country. I don’t watch much LFL myself, I catch the clips online, but if I knew there were more personalities in the sport like Jericho Harris I think I’d absolutely be more inclined to catch a few games…why not? You think we’d ever see an NFL coach or a college football coach speak to his players like this? That dude’s speech was motivating as hell, and we need more of this in sports.

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