LFL Coach Gets Jacked In The Face By While Trying To Break Up A Bunch Of Chicks Fighting In Bikinis

In this LFL WOW Clip of the Week we’ve got some pretty heated footage. Bitter rivals Atlanta Steam and Chicago Bliss have been known to come to fisticuffs in the past but this time around it was an all out brawl, with both teams throwing punches left and right. While trying to break up the brawl Chicago Bliss Quarterbacks Coach Matt Pike got jacked in the face by a member of the Atlanta Steam.

When you’re grabbing chicks in bikinis left and right to throw them out of the brawl the last thing you ever expect is to get punched in the face by some crazy asshole, there’s another coach RIGHT THERE who should be doing his fucking job and helping break up the fight but instead allowed Matt Pike to get his jaw reset. Let’s watch that once more in Slow-Mo, shall we?

I know close to nothing about the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) so I haven’t a clue as to how the commissioner will pass out penalties for some player punching an opposing team’s coach in the face. For more LFL coverage though just CLICK HERE to see the previous ‘LFL WOW Clips of the Week’!

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