Deion Sanders Gives Lil Wayne A Private Tour Of Colorado’s Football Facilities

Deion Sanders

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Deion Sanders has been able to quickly improve the quality of talent headed to Boulder, Colorado since he arrived as the new UC-Boulder head coach.

Coach Prime and the Buffs have secured commitments from one 5-star recruit, three 4-star recruits, and at least sixteen 3-star recruits.

Deion Sanders brings a brand to Colorado that recruits and current players love. He’s a Hall of Famer and a celebrity with celebrity friends like Lil Wayne. You can’t find that kind of excitement on most college campuses.

Case in point, Deion Sanders brought his friend Lil Wayne to Boulder for a private tour of the University of Colorado football facilities. Staff members and players got to watch as one of the most famous rappers around, Lil Wayne, got a VIP tour from Deion Sanders.

Lil Wayne Gets VIP Tour Of Colorado From Deion Sanders

There are some interesting subplots going on here with Lil Wayne and Deion Sanders. Particularly, Lil Wayne has always appeared to be a for-hire fan.

Aside from the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Lakers, Lil Wayne has been seen wearing more teams’ gear than Drake. He goes where the flash is. So Deion Sanders getting Lil Wayne on board the hype train might reap dividends down the line in terms of exposure.

Urban Meyer Gives His Thoughts On How Deion Sanders Will Fare

58-year-old Urban Meyer was recently a guest on the All Things Covered podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden.

Among the many topics covered, Meyer was asked how he felt Deion Sanders would do as the new head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes.

The Buffs won just one game in 2022 and haven’t made a bowl appearance since 2016. But Meyer believes Coach Prime will be able to right the ship, and he believes he’ll do so quickly.

“I think he’s going to flip it,” Meyer said. “Nothing crazy in the first year, but in the first couple years, I’d say certainly a bowl game and an eight or nine-win season.”

“With much is given, much is expected and I think they’re going to feel that real soon,” Meyer said. “There’s a lot going on. Colorado and Prime is everywhere in the news. He’s getting recruits and recruits are talking about him. I think it’s one of the best things to happen to Colorado football since Bill McCartney in 1990 when they won it all.” – via CBS Sports

Is the sky really the limit for Deion Sanders at Colorado? Can the Buffs actually get good?

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