Lindsey Vonn Made Fun of Tiger Woods During His Many, Many Affair Revelations

But could there be trouble in paradise? 

Today, Business Insider pointed to a 2010 interview that Vonn gave with Time, featuring the line: “America's most famous female athlete [Vonn] comes across as ingratiatingly anti-Woods.” It continues:

And like millions of Americans, Vonn can't help poking fun at Woods' staged event. When a member of her Vonn-tourage tells her that Woods gave a few friends hugs after ending his statement, she cracks, “They're like, 'Yeah, you're awesome, you go have that sex.' ” The room breaks into a laugh. Then she describes a skit she would want to perform if asked to host Saturday Night Live: picture Vonn at Woods' podium, blue backdrop and all. “There's something you don't know about me,” Vonn says in a faux solemn, apologetic voice. “Tiger, you're like my idol, and I too have a sex problem.” More laughter. “That would be freaking funny.”


The famously protective Tiger had to have known of the Vonn quote when they started dating. He, most likely, had a team of people available whocould dig up any dirt on Vonn—and a Time Magazine story doesn't require a lot of digging.

Which would mean… Tiger has gotten much, much better a forgiving and forgetting. Anyone know of or remember the golfer's first caddy, Fluff Cowan? He was fired in 1999 for admitting to People how much money he made while working with Woods. Tiger has a HUGE rep for cutting ties with anyone who burns him. 

(Of course, Fluff isn't a hot blonde.)

[H/T: Business Insider]